Action is the key to progress. So, don’t wait another moment to set out on a new adventure. Join those who have already found their sense of place in the inviting Greater Wausau Region. Among the rolling hills and lush foliage are miles of hiking, biking and running trails which lead to peaceful evenings and weekends of freedom. And it’s all just minutes from home and work. Few communities in the Midwest offer world-class skiing, kayaking, hiking, biking and fishing so nearby to home and work.

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Greater Wausau is comprised of dynamic communities, each with its own personality and offerings. Wausau offers an Artrageous Weekend and Hmong Fest. Schofield celebrates Irish Fest. Rib Mountain has Granite Peak and Mosinee is home to the Log Jam. It’s no wonder there’s so much to choose from in the area. Surf this section for Fun Things to Do. You’ll find great food and drink, outdoor adventures, diverse lodging, the world-class museums, local Broadway productions and specialty shopping.


In a chaotic world, find harmony in the Greater Wausau Region. Our neighborhoods are welcoming, safe and offer opportunities for creativity and diversity. Each community offers something unique to elevate your well-being and satisfy your need for happiness and relaxation. Our residents take pride in their properties and enjoy living life to the fullest. From starter homes to luxurious estates and trendy urban studio apartments to rolling farmland, there are real estate and housing options in any price range.

Wausau and surrounding communities

Wausau and surrounding communities


Wausau is the employment, transportation, healthcare and cultural hub of the region. Wausau is proud of a vibrant downtown, outstanding local arts scene and a growing urban waterfront along the Wisconsin River.


Abbotsford is nicknamed ‘Wisconsin’s first city’ due to its alphabetical place on a list of the state’s cities.


The Village of Athens has a rich lumber and agricultural history. Located along Highway 97 in western Marathon County, this quiet community offers proximity to the Wausau metro area, as well as the cities of Medford, Merrill and Marshfield.


The City of Colby is located on the western edge of Marathon County, near great fishing, hunting, camping, skiing and snowmobile trails. Within the city, there are several recreational areas offering opportunities for tennis, softball, basketball, bowling, sand volleyball, horseshoes and outdoor winter sports.


Edgar is known for its high quality of life with its abundant parks, friendly neighbors and community pride.


Kronenwetter is a largely residential community known for its large lots and low tax rates. The Village is only a 15-minute drive away from many of the amenities one would expect to enjoy in much bigger cities.


The Village of Maine is located north of the City of Wausau and offers an excellent mix of commercial, residential and rural settings.

Marathon City

Marathon City is home to a number of family-owned, multi-generation companies. High student academic achievement and extracurricular participation place Marathon Schools among the leaders in the region.


Merrill has a rich history as the home to a diverse manufacturing businesses, including wood and vinyl products, shoe making, packaging and metalwork.


The City of Mosinee’s downtown is currently undergoing a significant transformation with the addition of new dining and entertainment options that complement existing businesses in the area.

Rib Mountain

The Town of Rib Mountain offers a variety of dining and shopping opportunities with easy highway access. Rib Mountain also offers an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities.


The Village of Rothschild boasts direct access to a pair of major highways. Many manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers value the easy access to markets around the Midwest and beyond.


The City of Schofield, just south of the City of Wausau, is a peaceful community bordered by the Eau Claire River and Lake Wausau (which is formed by the Wisconsin River). Schofield is home to a successful Business Park, while Grand Avenue and Schofield Avenue offer visitors a choice of specialty stores, restaurants, and lodging.


The Village of Spencer enjoys a traditional, country lifestyle while offering a variety of recreational activities, ranging from outdoor sports to arts and entertainment.


The Village of Stratford is located in the southwest portion of Marathon County and was named after the Canadian hometown of a family of early settlers. Stratford offers affordable housing, thriving businesses, excellent public and parochial school choices, various church affiliations, a rich park system and recreational opportunities.


Since its incorporation in 1996, more than 15,000 people now call Weston home. The community offers a place for people to find a new adventure.


Sometimes all we need is a new perspective. A better place to see the sun rise and put our talents to good use. The Greater Wausau Region is the place to be for jobs. Great jobs! Wausau is a top-ten city for the best career opportunities as ranked by SmartAsset. Industry leading manufacturers, insurance providers and healthcare facilities call us home.