The Ideal Place to Live

We’ve lived and worked in the Denver and Austin areas, both highly desirable and progressive cities that offer great amenities and opportunities,” shared Dusten Tornow. “However, with that big city charm comes a lot of negatives. Long, grueling commutes. Extremely expensive and competitive childcare options. A higher cost of living. You just don’t have these negatives in Wausau.”


Breaking misconceptions

“I think there is this misconception that Wausau doesn’t offer the same lifestyle that some of their trendier counterparts do.” said realtor Lora Bladow who returned to the area after living in Madison. “It took me a bit to understand that here in Wausau I still had access to a lot of the amenities I had become accustomed to in Madison. Farm to table restaurants, live music venues, a ton of professional and networking opportunities. Awesome recreational opportunities. It took moving here and experiencing it for myself to get it.”

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