Family Grows From Long Distance Relationship

Meet Will, Jenny, Scarlett and Jojo Hsu

Will and Jenny Hsu met through mutual friends in Madison in 2004. Will was the best man at a wedding which Jenny was also attending. Will lived in Minneapolis at the time, while Jenny resided in Madison.

"We exchanged phone numbers so if Jenny was visiting friends in Minneapolis we could meet up." said Will.

"We met again later that same summer when Will came to Madison for a going away party as he was moving to Boston for grad school." said Jenny. "I called Will that fall on a whim and we started talking more."

Will visited Madison at Christmas to visit our mutual friends. Jenny was taking him to the airport to return to Boston when he invited her to travel east to Massachusetts for a visit.

This was the beginning of three years of long distance dating.

The couple traveled between Madison and Boston and then Madison and Phoenix, ending with Minneapolis and Phoenix. Will lived in Phoenix following graduate school, while Jenny moved to Minneapolis in 2006. Finally, in 2007, Will moved to Minneapolis.

"We were engaged in 2009 and married in Minneapolis in 2010." said Jenny.

Will graduated from UW-Madison with degrees in Finance, Chinese Language and Literature and East Asian Studies. After graduation he worked for General Mills in Minneapolis. He then attended Harvard Business School and went back to work for General Mills for five years before moving to Wausau to take over his family’s business, Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises Inc.

Jenny attended Viterbo (College) University in LaCrosse where she earned a BSN in Nursing. She worked at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, UW Hospital in Madison and Fairview in Minneapolis. She also attended the University of Minnesota, earning a MSN in Nursing. She then worked at Southdale OB/GYN in Minneapolis, and finally Aspirus in Wausau. She currently works as an RN at Aspirus Cardiology.

"We love to travel, explore new places, and eat good food." said Will. "We belong to First Presbyterian Church and volunteer through the church whenever we can. We love the Packers, the Brewers and the Badgers."

Jenny and Will traveled quite a bit before having the girls, with Will still traveling frequently for work. The family tries to take an annual vacation each year, with plans often hinging upon where Will is traveling for work or for his UW Foundation and Alumni Association board meetings.

"We’ve been able to take the girls to California, Arizona, Texas and Florida." said Will. "This spring we’re planning on going back to Florida for our first cruise."

Scarlett and Jojo love to dance at Wausau Academy of Dance and also love gymnastics and swimming, which they have participated in through programs at the YMCA.

"They love learning about everything around them." said Jenny. "They especially love books."

The Hsu family has a miniature dachshund named Mylo. He loves to go on walks and snuggle under blankets.

The family lives in the Walden subdivision and loves the location and quietness of the neighborhood. There are many dogs in the neighborhood and residents will wave or stop to catch up with one another when they are out walking.

"We bought the house from Will’s parents." said Jenny. "They moved to the home when Will was in high school at Wausau East. It’s in a great school district and we have great neighbors!"

"Everyone is really friendly and there are more families with young kids moving into the area." said Will. "It’s nice knowing the parents of other kids our daughters go to school with."

"One of our neighbors has had an ice cream social the past two years." said Jenny. "It’s been a great way to get everyone in the neighborhood together and to see people that we don’t see as often. The girls were also flower girls in our next door neighbor’s wedding this past summer."

"We feel blessed to have such great neighbors." said Jenny. "They have helped us with everything from yard work to babysitting to catching our dog when he decides to run away from home for a few minutes in search of treats."

This article initially appeared in Wausau Neighbors magazine, Best Version Media

Photos by Kelly Jacobi Photography

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