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Andrea Rich, Pheasant (11/30), 2004, woodcut on kozo paper


Art of the Hunt
Hunting is deeply rooted in human culture, extending over all seven continents. Through the work of painters, sculptors, and graphic artists dating from the early nineteenth century into the twenty-first century, the changing role of birds and animals within the context of the hunt is illustrated and celebrated.

Modern Menagerie
Featuring interpretations from realistic to abstract and from fanciful to clever, these sculptures from the Woodson Art Museum’s collection depict a variety of birds and beasts. The mediums used to carve and shape the birds and animals vary, too, ranging from stone, wood, and bronze to glass and wire. https://www.lywam.org/collection_exh/modern-menagerie/

Cast, Carved & Cut
Small-scale sculptures from the Museum’s collection populate a specially designed case located in the lower level of the 2012 addition. Background information on each of the twenty sculptures is available on the Museum’s website here: https://www.lywam.org/collection_exh/cast-carved-cut/.

New to the Collection – on view near Visitor Services
Experience newly acquired artwork in the gallery adjacent to Visitor Services; the selection changes periodically.

March 6 – June 6, 2021
Beyond Artworks: Artists & Their Stories

Artworks from the collection share the spotlight with stories about why and how they were created by artists and acquired by the Woodson Art Museum. Discover the tale and trace the trail that led to the acquisition of a rare oil painting by John James Audubon and a hand-colored aqua-tint created for Audubon’s The Birds of America.

Anecdotes about noteworthy owners and personal relationships are woven throughout other stories. A watercolor painting by Frank Weston Benson, Chickadees, which had been owned by poet Robert Frost, became the perfect way to honor a member of the Museum’s founding family, fondly remembered for wearing a chickadee-embroidered sweater.

Experience artwork by three generations of Wyeth painters, N.C., Andrew, and Jamie, comparing and contrasting their distinct styles and gaining insights into their inspiration and work.

This exhibition celebrates and returns collection artwork to the spotlight in spring 2021; responding to COVID-19 in spring 2020, the Woodson Art Museum re-configured its largest gallery for special/traveling exhibitions rather than featuring selections from the collection. This change allowed for installations to be physically distanced, thereby creating an even more welcoming and safer environment for visitors. In spring 2021, the focus shifts to emphasize and highlight Museum collection artwork.

March 13 – April 25, 2021
Student Art Exhibition

Celebrate Youth Art Month and the creative efforts of north central Wisconsin students in grades 5-8 via the 44th Student Art Exhibition. Each March, the nation promotes art education by focusing on student work. Art teachers are encouraged to submit student works in various mediums for the Museum’s Student Art Exhibition. Details are available here: https://www.lywam.org/exhibition/studentartexhibition/

Current outdoor sculptures on view in the Sculpture Garden & Grounds

The Museum’s grounds feature sculptures that delight visitors of all ages. From Deborah Butterfield’s Kua to Burt Brent’s The Heavyweight, a range of artistic styles and wonders of the natural world can be found. Among the highlights is Kent Ullberg’s striking bronze whooping cranes that stand as iconic sentinels at the garden’s entrance. Experience sculpture by following handicapped-accessible pathways throughout the sculpture garden, near the pond area, and to the Secret Garden.

Living Willow Sculpture

Artist and landscape architect Bonnie Gale and her assistant Jonna Evans created a seven-foot-tall, domed, willow structure, Living Willow Dreams, June 24-30, 2018, in the Woodson Art Museum’s Margaret Woodson Fischer Sculpture Garden. Bonnie Gales’s living willow sculpture project is supported by a grant from The Dudley Foundation.

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