Wausau Opportunity Zone, Inc.

Mall redevelopment Wausau Opportunity Zone OverheadThe Wausau Opportunity Zone, Inc. (WOZ), a subsidiary of the Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership, Ltd., finalized the purchase of the Wausau Center Mall from Rialto Capital Management on February 4, 2020. HOM Furniture and two parking ramps were not part of the acquisition. The purchase was funded by a pair of local foundations, the Dwight and Linda Davis Foundation and the Judd S. Alexander Foundation, in partnership with the City of Wausau.

The philanthropies have a long, credible history of partnering with local government and community organizations to support projects that improve Wausau’s quality of life and economic vitality. Projects include riverfront improvement and Riverfront Park, Arts Block/Grand Theater, The 400 Block, the world-class kayak course, YMCA expansion, Wausau Area Public Schools, North Central Technical College, Boys & Girls Club, South East Asian refugee ESL program and many other community assets.

WOZ Board of Directors

  • Dave Eckmann | President, WOZ Inc | President & CEO, Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce | Executive, Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership
  • Chuck Ghidorzi | Managing Director, WOZ Inc | President & CEO, Ghidorzi Companies
  • Gary Freels | Director, WOZ Inc | President & CEO, Judd S Alexander Foundation Inc
  • Jeff Stubbe | Director, WOZ Inc | Executive Director, Dwight and Linda Davis Foundation
  • Sue Wokatsch | Director, WOZ Inc | Finance Director, Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce
  • Susan Lang | Director, WOZ Inc | President, Emmerich Properties