Wausau Center Mall demo campaign Get Downtown. It's Refreshing!

GET DOWNTOWN. IT’S REFRESHING!” Campaign Kicks Off to Promote Downtown Wausau Redevelopment

May 14, 2021

As the Wausau Center Mall starts coming down the week of May 17th, a new campaign “Get Downtown. It’s Refreshing!” heats up with a fresh look at the action.

Wausau Opportunity Zone, Inc. (WOZ) is leading the charge to inform the Greater Wausau Area and the surrounding communities about progress made during the demolition and revitalization phases. Weekly news, projects updates and feature stories will be available at downtownrefresh.com and shared via email marketing and social media channels. WOZ is collaborating with the Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership, local governments, downtown businesses and community organizations to keep the community well informed.

“This is an exciting time for our city and the main objective of the marketing campaign is to keep the lines of communication open for everyone in our community,” said Dave Eckmann, WOZ President.

The website downtownrefresh.com is the news hub for demolition updates, strategic plans, redevelopment renderings, videos, FAQs and more.

“We want the community to know Downtown Wausau is open for business and that you can still get to your favorite places,” said Eckmann. HOM Furniture, located in the former Younkers building, is staying right in it’s convenient location on Forest Street along with the two mall parking ramps.

Renovation of the over 400,000-square-foot Wausau Center Mall area is key to Wausau’s economic future. A mixed-use space – including urban housing, public spaces, office spaces and retail outlets – will create opportunities and generate tax revenue for the City of Wausau.

“The downtown area will become a destination again where businesses thrive and our community gathers for fun, friendship and creating memories,” said Eckmann. “Stay tuned as we roll out pertinent details impacting Downtown Wausau both in the near-term and long-term.”

For more information email info@downtownrefresh.com. And sign up for emails at downtownrefresh.com and follow us on social media at: