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POSTPONED: Ka Lia Universe

January 12 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

New date to be determined.
Born the daughter of Laotian Hmong immigrants, St. Paul singer, rapper and songwriter Ka Lia Universe would first discover her love for music participating in the school choir & jamming to Britney Spears and Alicia Keys records in her free time. But after receiving huge reactions to the videos she posted online, she realized music could be more than just a hobby. Soon she was sneaking into her brother’s room while he was away to teach herself how to play his guitar and piano. At just 14 she was composing original songs and playing shows around the Twin Cities.
A decade later, she has an even stronger vision and newfound reverence for her heritage. The singer has since released four genre-bending self-produced, written & engineered albums that mix pop, hip-hop, R&B and language barriers alike! Her unique sound and special brand of “Hmonglish” have led to over 11 million streams, mainstream television and radio play, and shows across the globe. She encourages listeners to step outside their box & into a new, well… Universe.
Part of the Bridge Clinic Lift Every Voice series: this concert is free. Please reserve your general admission tickets so we can notify you of updates and events associated with this performance. For more information on this series, visit For more information on this performer visit

Ka Lia Universe yog ib tus ntxhais uas tau yug los ntawm ib khub niam txiv Hmoob Nplog uas yog cov neeg tsiv teb tsaws chaw thiab nws nriav tau nws tej kev txawj los ntawm cov sijhawm nws tau nrog luas hu nkauj ntawm tsev kawm ntawm thiab noog lawv cov txawj nkauj xwsli Britney Spears thiab Alicia Keys cov nkauj. Tom qab uas tibneeg coob tau nov thiab qhuas nws cov nkauj nyob rau hauv Internet nws thiaj li paub tias kev hu nkauj yuav tsi yog ib yam ua si xwb. Tsi ntev ntawd nws pib nyiag kev mus xyaum nws tus nus lub ki taw thiab lub piano. Thaum nws muaj 14 xyoos xwb nws tub sau tau nws cov nkauj thiab mus hu rau ib ncig hauv Twin Cities lawm.
10 xyoos tom qab ntawd nws mam li paub hais tias tej kev txawj no pab nws kawm txog Hmoob tej cuab yeej cuab tam. Txij thaum ntawd los nws tau kaw tau plaub phau nkauj uas yog ob peb hom nkauj xwsli pop, hip-hop, R&B, thiab lwm yam lus. Nws tej kev txawj txawv li no uas yog siv lus Hmoob thiab lus Askiv sib xyawj pab nws lub npe nrov uas muaj 11 lab tus tibneeg tau noog nws cov nkauj. Nws nquag txhawb tias cov noog nws cov nkauj no yuavtsum muaj peev xwm xam dav thiab deb li lwm lub Ntuj.
No yog los ntawm Bridge Clinic txoj kev txhawb uas hu ua Tsa Txhua Lub Suab: Tuaj saib lub concert no yog nkag dawb xwb. Yog koj xav tuaj saib thiab noog, peb xav kom koj hom koj daim pib ua ntej es peb thiab li paub qhia koj yog hais tias muaj lwm yam hloov. Yog xav paub ntxiv mus saib rau Yog xav paub txog tus hu nkauj no mus saib


January 12
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Grand Theater Wausau

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