Exciting Changes Proposed for Rib Mountain State Park and Granite Peak

Rib Mountain State Park (RMSP) and Granite Peak Ski Area are popular destinations for outdoor recreation. They’re also important components of an opportunity to leverage greater Wausau, Wisconsin’s natural assets to propel economic development and add to the growing reputation as a premier outdoor recreation mecca.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is revising the 2005 master plan for Rib Mountain State Park. Their process includes evaluating the full range of public uses of the park, including possible new recreational activities and the potential expansion of Granite Peak Ski Area.

To help inform the DNR’s efforts, the SE Group prepared the Rib Mountain State Park Needs Assessment, an objective review of park uses along with development options including alpine skiing, mountain biking and a “no change” alternative. The Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership elected to formally endorse Alternative Concept #4, which represents the full recreation potential for summer and winter activities at RMSP.

As of Fall 2021, the DNR is developing a draft update to the vision, goals and objectives for the property. When finished, the DNR will seek public input. For more information, visit the DNR’s Rib Mountain planning page.

What’s In It for the Greater Wausau, WI Region?

Proposed improvements to Rib Mountain State Park and Granite Peak Ski Area would not only increase recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike, but they would also generate considerable positive economic impact. Increased revenue for area businesses, increased employment opportunities and an expanded tax base are just some of the ways the greater Wausau, WI area would benefit economically. Along with economic growth, area residents would have expanded outdoor recreation opportunities for popular activities like skiing, hiking, biking and simply enjoying the stunning natural environment of Rib Mountain State Park.

Current Rib Mountain Master Plan Status

The DNR is using multiple information sources to develop an updated vision for the state park along with draft goals, objectives and future management options. Sources include the SE Group report, public input on that report, existing master plan, initial public input, species and natural community surveys, and staff expertise.

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