toolkit for recruiters available for download

The Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership (GWPP) launched, a new talent attraction and retention website, to serve as a recruitment tool for the region’s businesses and industries. The site is filled with features designed for those who are both new to the area or considering a move to our region and was built by Amperage Marketing & Fundraising in Wausau.

The site tells the story of the region through videos and written narratives of individuals, families, destinations, events, businesses and organizations. The site will offer frequent updates to the featured content.

Download the kit:

A toolkit for the site has been built for hiring professionals. The toolkit can be downloaded here.

Download a QR code for the site here.

Download a flyer for the site here.

Download a horizontal badge here.

Download a vertical badge here.

Who can answer more questions about the site?

Brian Otten, marketing manager at the Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce, is the manager of the site and can be reached at 715-848-5947 or

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