Rib Mountain Youth Skiers 3

Hill of Dreams

February 4, 2022

What do local shredders, tourist families with kids and WW II veterans of the 10th Mountain Alpine Division have in common?

Love for 700 vertical feet of 1.7-billion-year-old metamorphic rock all covered in snow.

Granite Peak ski area at Rib Mountain State Park is one of the oldest, highest and largest ski hills in the Midwest. Each year, 150,000 alpine skiers and snowboarders ride its 7 lifts and descend its 55 slopes and 4 terrain parks. Approximately 40% of those slope junkies come to Granite Peak from outside the Wausau area.

As part of a current DNR review of the 2005 Master Plan for Rib Mountain, proposals allowing for the enhancement and expansion of Granite Peak are being considered.

Options include improvements in access and infrastructure, expanded beginning skier opportunities, improved amenities and other enhancements to help expose more people to the sport and secure Granite Peak’s status as a premier choice for drivable ski destinations in the upper Midwest. Read about the proposed changes here.

Not only would such improvements increase skiable runs, lifts, terrain, amenities and the quality of the skier experience from beginner to expert, they would result in major economic, employment and tax revenue gains for the area.

These are exciting times for Granite Peak, Rib Mountain State Park and the greater Wausau area. Check out the links above and make your voice heard in the next DNR public comment period.

Keep an eye out for more details on Granite Peak. Until then, see you on the slopes!

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Historic Rib Mountain Chalet

Like some of today’s Granite Peak loyalists, members of the famed 10th Mountain Division who hailed from Wausau learned to ski on what was then called Rib Hill. The 10th Mountain Chalet, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939 and dedicated in 2006, still honors their memory.


The Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership is a collaborative group of business and community leaders coming together to help develop a stronger, more competitive economic development platform for our community. Our primary purpose is to assist in the implementation and execution of the Greater Wausau Region Economic Development Strategic Plan. The primary objectives of the plan are to 1) attract and retain talent, 2) embrace technology to grow local enterprises, and 3) engage in placemaking to enhance amenities and quality of life. For questions or more information, contact info@ElevateRibMountain.com.