View from top of Rib Mountain

Elevated Opportunity

January 27, 2022

Have you heard about the proposed improvements to Rib Mountain State Park?

If you love playing outdoors — hiking, biking, skiing, camping or simply soaking up scenic beauty — you owe it to yourself to learn more.

The park offers potential recreational opportunities found nowhere else in the state of Wisconsin. And the views from the top of the mountain are breathtaking.

Enhancing the park is not a new idea. A 2005 DNR Master Plan for Rib Mountain has been under review since 2015, including a 2019 decision to evaluate:

“the full range of recreational and habitat opportunities at Rib Mountain to ensure that the park continues to help support the ecological, social, and economic needs of the area.”

You can learn about the entire process, including relevant updates, documents, proposals, public input periods and more by visiting Rib Mountain State Park | Wisconsin DNR.

Skiers coming down Rib MountainYes, many of the proposed enhancements will dramatically improve access to and enjoyment of the park itself, including Granite Peak Ski Area. But excitement and interest around this process isn’t limited to outdoor enthusiasts.

Increased numbers of family-supporting local jobs, improved appeal for business talent recruitment, quality of life considerations for local residents and a boost in revenue and property values are just a few of many positive outcomes offered by new proposals.

Another DNR public input period is coming in the near future. Now’s the time get informed and be ready to make your voice heard!

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